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Mosquito Control

Stop The Incessant Buzzing When You’re Outdoors

Mosquitoes may be a part of life in New York in the summer, but there are important reasons you'll want to reduce their populations around your property. Not only do mosquitoes buzz incessantly and cover you in itchy bites, but they also spread many dangerous illnesses. By lowering the number of mosquitoes on your property, you reduce your chances of getting bit and getting sick, and you increase your opportunities to enjoy your yard again. With mosquito control from Old School Pest Control, you can make this a reality.

Our Mosquito Control Offerings

a mosquito biting a human

At Old School Pest Control, our highest priority is the safety of our customers. That’s why we use all-natural, environmentally-safe products when treating your lawn for mosquitoes. Our products use natural oils, like rosewater and garlic oils, to naturally reduce mosquito populations around your property. During the treatment, we’ll apply these products to your lawn and foliage.

Our mosquito control services are offered every month during mosquito season, beginning in April and running through October.

We also recommend to the homeowners we work with that they eliminate as many areas of standing water as possible for the most effective results. We cannot treat areas of standing water, but by removing as many as you can, you’ll significantly improve the results.

North Country Mosquito Control With Your Family In Mind

With mosquito control from Old School Pest Control, not only will you enjoy the benefits of a yard without mosquitoes, but you’ll also enjoy knowing that the treatment is safe for your children and pets. Our environmentally-friendly, all-natural treatment will reduce the mosquitoes on your property so that you can enjoy the outdoors again. Contact us to schedule a service visit.


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